Gymboree: New SKUs found 2/18/16 - "Island Hopper"
Some pieces released online 2/22/16 under the "online first" category. Released in stores and online with a line name in the menu on 3/4/16.

Zoom in on a SKU here - change the # to the SKU you want to view (in this link, the SKU # is 140150323)

Toddler Girl


Toddler Girl - officially Island Hopper, but listed under category "Spring Getaway Styles"

Girl - capsule

Toddler Girl - Mix 'n' Match/Playwear

Girl - Mix 'n' Match

Girl Underwear & Sleepwear

Toddler Boy


Toddler Boy - Mix 'n' Match/Playwear

Boy - Mix 'n' Match

Boy Underwear & Sleepwear

Baby Girl

Baby Boy